I made a sweet return to State College, Pennsylvania after 10 years away. I live at the base of Mt Nittany in a cozy old apartment. I’ve been reconnecting with very old friends. I usually wake up early to write. Some in-progress stuff is online here.

I’m currently doing a deep-dive into Python and time series analysis. Jake Vanderplas’ Python Data Science Handbook has been useful. I’m working in the WHI lab on the bipolar disorder relapse detection project.

This is all in preparation for grad school in informatics. I plan on researching the passive sensing and prediction of mood episodes using HCI methods and data science. Ultimately I want to create supportive tools for early intervention and self-management of bipolar disorder.

I’ve also started an Adult Children of Alcoholics meeting online. We have a lively group that meets three nights per week, making use of family systems concepts in a 12-step group setting. I’m happy to say this has been helpful in a bunch of ways to a bunch of people during the pandemic.

PS. Check out nownownow.com

Updated February 2021