Jim Lennox's painting in Hunlock Creek, PA

Speaking personally

I’m Jeff, a native Pennsylvanian fascinated by trees and people given a good ratio of the two. Around here, I document my ongoing process of living and working artfully.

I play drums and tabla and spend time between New York and Pennsylvania to pursue this discipline.

I practice Zen Buddhism with the Endless Mountain Zendo in Stillwater, PA.

I write often, and some is published here. Start with Nobody Falls Halfway.

A few of my favorite things

  • Complexity science, complex adaptive systems
  • Psychology, especially family systems theory & the healing of cross-generational trauma
  • Tabla, drums, breathing – simultaneously when possible

Speaking professionally

Today I am nestled near Penn State where I am preparing for graduate school in information sciences. I am employed by the Wellbeing and Health Innovation Lab where I’m working on digital phenotyping of bipolar disorder.

Previously, I led the digital transformation of Smiles4Keeps Pediatric Dentistry, one of the nation’s largest and highest-quality closely-held Medicaid groups. With minimal supervision and years of close mentorship by its owner, I stewarded the group from paper operations into a fully-integrated, centralized operating environment.

For a more nuanced take on my work as a change agent at Smiles4Keeps, Healing vs Fixing offers a subjective description of my less-technical accomplishments, however lasting. This and other strategic writing was distributed internally and catalyzed organizational changes.