Jim Lennox's painting in Hunlock Creek, PA

Speaking personally

I’m Jeff, a native Pennsylvanian fascinated by trees and people given the correct ratio of the two. This site exists to document the process of my continued, balanced exploration of artful living and work.

I play drums and tabla and spend time between New York and Pennsylvania to pursue this discipline.

Zen Buddhism remains an important part of my life, and I practice at the Endless Mountain Zendo in Stillwater, PA.

I write often, and some is published here.

Throughout my 30s, I plan on pursuing graduate work in counseling psychology.

A few favorite things

  • Viktor Frankl’s writing
  • Organizational structures, architectures & complex change management
  • Tabla, drums, biorhythms & breathing – concurrently when possible
  • Family systems theory & the subject of healing cross-generational trauma
  • Complexity theory, complex adaptive systems

Speaking professionally

I have worked for 7 years in the healthcare domain, aligning and integrating software to fit strategic business needs during sustained periods of rapid change. Throughout college, I worked as a software trainer. As I write on my LinkedIn profile,

I am a teacher at heart with broad and deep experience at one of the country’s largest and most respected privately-held Medicaid pediatric dental groups. I was trusted to set strategic direction, improve core business processes and lead complex change shortly before a cross-generational ownership transfer was expected. My impact at this group was described “like a crater” by its ownership. By engaging the parts while respecting the needs of the whole, I leveraged software as the catalyst for organizational improvement and the “shift of mind” required of the group to proceed into its next phase of growth.

For a more nuanced take on my work at Smiles4Keeps Pediatric Dentistry, Healing vs Fixing offers a subjective description of my less-technical accomplishments, however lasting. This and other strategic writing was distributed internally and catalyzed organizational changes.

Recent reads

I tend to keep my Goodreads profile current.