Fantastic Planet

I don’t always finish what I pick up, and I certainly don’t pick up everything I collect. But I do log it all so I can work with texts, search them, visualize what I’ve read.

I listen to ebooks using fast, synthetic text-to-speech. I have a feeling that my comprehension & retention at this rate comes with years of listening to solo tabla which has a quick linguistic quality. My ears are faster than my eyes.

To make this work, I

  • buy an ebook, or compile web reads into one
  • import it into Calibre where I keep things organized and in an open format,
  • play it back using Voice Dream Reader. I mark interesting paragraphs to come back to later, which get stored as plaintext and exported into my digital notes.

The above is true for non-fiction, which is most of what I read. I tend to stick to paper for fiction, poetry, when I need to move slower.