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Jeff Brozena

Teacher, Analyst, Systems Thinker

3054 Sheffield Drive, State College, Pennsylvania, US, 16801




I am a teacher at heart with broad and deep experience at one of the country's largest and most respected privately-held Medicaid pediatric dental groups. I was trusted to set strategic direction, improve core business processes and lead complex change shortly before a cross-generational ownership transfer was expected. My impact at this group was described "like a crater" by its ownership. By engaging the parts while respecting the needs of the whole, I leveraged software as the catalyst for organizational improvement and the "shift of mind" required of the group to proceed into its next phase of growth.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Manager of Optimization, The Smilist Management

    Feb, 2018 - Aug, 20186 months

    Process discovery, documentation, and re-engineering at a multi-site dental service organization. Having quickly established rapport with a variety of stakeholders at all layers of management, I conducted individual/group interviews and observed process to document and address systemic issues at their root cause.

  • Practice Operations, Smiles 4 Keeps Pediatric Dentistry

    Aug, 2012 - Nov, 20175 years 3 months

    Responsible for the full digital transformation of the business, I made one of the country's largest privately-held pediatric dental groups legible to itself and to third parties.

    This practice maintains high ethical standards and serves a large patient base including many of the most at-risk children of the region. I closed the substantial operational gap that diminished this excellence.

    With a full staff of 100, record-setting annual patient encounters, and very little chance for downtime, I stewarded this multi-location practice from paper records to centralized digitization, introduced reporting and analytics, and created/documented/implemented workflows to outpace legacy systemic and structural issues. I led complex change shortly before a cross-generational transfer of ownership was anticipated.

    I developed a great relationship with our practice management software vendor, OpenDental. I played an active role in their product development, even meeting their ownership in Oregon to discuss how they could better support the analytical needs of group structures and the needs of pediatric dentistry.

    I spoke publicly at American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Pennsylvania Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and Medicaid State Dental Association on the subjects of record-keeping, Medicaid compliance / digitization of dental records.

  • Technician, Bedrock Technology

    Jan, 2012 - Aug, 20127 months

    Provided technical service and support to a client-base largely made up of small to medium sized private medical practices throughout the region.

  • Research Assistant, Penn State University Human-Computer Interaction Lab

    May, 2009 - Dec, 20101 year 7 months

    Prepared materials for laboratory experiments on human problem-solving, learning, sensemaking. Conducted laboratory experiments, transcribed and coded data from experiments and field studies, and analyzed data. Developed and implemented a training program for fellow undergraduate employees in lab procedures. Participated in lab meetings and discussions.

  • ITS Lab Consultant, Penn State University

    Aug, 2007 - Dec, 20092 years 4 months

    Supported hundreds of campus computer lab users of all ages and technical backgrounds. Used working knowledge of a variety of software packages, hardware platforms and operating systems to troubleshoot problems and answer technical questions. Promoted to supervisory position in June, 2009.



  • Leadership
    Public speakingSystems thinking Whole systems managementWritten & verbal clarity Motivational interviewing
  • Digital transformation
    Software trainingTransformational change Change managementStrategic planning Business analysis
  • Healthcare information technology (HIT)
    HIPAA complianceElectronic data interchange (EDI) Electronic medical record (EMR)
  • Program management
    Process improvementProject management Process optimizationProcess management Lean Six Sigma


  • Information Sciences & Technology, Bachelor, Pennsylvania State University

    Aug, 2008 - Aug, 2019

    Minor: Science, Technology, and Society Studies


  • Rock Ethics Stand Up Award Penn State University - Rock Ethics Institute

    Awarded on: Apr 10, 2011

    The Rock Ethics Award is given to students 'who have the courage and fortitude to take an ethical stand for a person, a cause, a belief, and thereby demonstrate ethical leadership through personal example.' Awarded for volunteer work surrounding the formation of Active Minds at PSU.

  • Active Minds Emerging Scholars Fellowship Active Minds, Inc.

    Awarded on: Jan 01, 2011

    'The Active Minds Emerging Scholars Fellowship, generously supported by the Scattergood Foundation, provides mentorship and funding to select students to complete mental health projects in collaboration with a cohort of peers and national experts in the field.' Awarded for design work of a digital intervention to promote help-seeking behavior.

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • Founder, Active Minds at PSU

    May, 2010 - May, 2011

    Formed Penn State University Park's chapter of the nationwide mental health awareness group Active Minds. Served as a liaison between students and campus mental health support services. Designed and prototyped a mobile web application to promote mental health resource utilization on campus. Served as a direct point of contact to campus newspapers and other news outlets - including the Associated Press - giving interviews and speaking at length about our mission.



  • Music

    Indian classical musicTabla Drum setModern jazz Minimalism
  • Psychology

    General systems theoryFamily systems theory Network approachesSystems psychology Organizational psychology
  • Zen Buddhism

    Rinzai ZenZazen Meditation